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Beach House Plans

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Sq.Ft. 1396 Bedrooms 3 Width 31-6 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 Depth 60 ft.



Sq.Ft. 1520 Bedrooms 4 Width 40 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 Depth 59 ft.



Sq.Ft. 2205 Bedrooms 3 Width 60 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 2 Depth 50 ft.



Sq.Ft. 1650 Bedrooms 4 Width 34 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 2 Depth 52 ft.



Sq.Ft. 1645 Bedrooms 4 Width 41 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 Depth 49 ft.



Sq.Ft. 2221 Bedrooms 4 Width 34 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 3 Depth 44 ft.



Sq.Ft. 4106 Bedrooms 4 Width 58 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 0 Depth 96 ft.



Sq.Ft. 1804 Bedrooms 3 Width 35 ft.
Levels 3 Bathrooms 3 Depth 38 ft.



Sq.Ft. 2412 Bedrooms 4 Width 42 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 3 Depth 71 ft.



Sq.Ft. 1936 Bedrooms 4 Width 49 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 3 Depth 62 ft.



Sq.Ft. 1876 Bedrooms 4 Width 36 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 3 Depth 54 ft.



Sq.Ft. 456 Bedrooms 0 Width 24 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 1 Depth 19 ft.


More About Beach Plans

The Sea is Calling

Beachfront houses are perfect vacation homes, second residences, or for the lucky few a permanent address. In California, where beach home plans are in high demand, the history of these seaside abodes dates back to the late 1800s. Tiny oceanfront shacks were constructed from defunct piers, old telephone poles, and dilapidated wooden boats.
These shacks were a step up from the previous tents employed by vacationers, but they would quickly be replaced. With the opening of a local resort in Santa Monica, the wealthy rushed to purchase plots of waterfront and build grand vacation “cottages”. As more land plots were sold the beach homes began to be built to certain standards, calling for things like porches and a clear view of the nearby ocean. Many of these guiding principles are still used in beach home plans today.

Planning Your Seaside Escape

In a beach home, if the sea is calling, you can answer simply by stepping out of your backdoor. Beach homes offer a daily escape, somewhere to unwind after a long day. Though they come in a variety of styles and specifications, beach home plans share a few common features.

Not least among them is their waterfront location. Usually located right on the beach or a few blocks at most, these homes are a special place. Beach homes can be either used as a permanent residence or a vacation home.
The home plans may vary depending on how you plan to use the house. If you hope to use your beach house as a second residence, you may want to invest in extra space.Plans for beach homes that feature a lot of rooms and just as many bathrooms are perfect for hosting family and friends. Having extra room can also increase your rental potential. After all, beach homes are perfect vacation rentals.

Even if you plan to vacation in the home yourself, you may still appreciate the abundance of space. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms will determine the design of your home.

You can choose from a quaint seaside cottage or a grand waterfront estate. Nearly any type of home plan works well as a beach house.

Alluring Characteristics

Whether it be a bungalow or a manor, all beach houses share some similarities in their design.

Outdoor Space
At a beach house, you may find yourself spending more time outside than you do inside. And it isn’t hard to see why when the ocean, sun, and sand are mere steps away. But that means you will need plenty of outdoor space.

Many beach home plans call for patios, decks, and porches. These outdoor furnishings may surround the home, offering lots of space to relax and entertain. Multi-level decks can be great not only for outdoor living but for storing all of your beach toys and equipment.

Nearly every beach home plan includes a staircase or two so residents and guests can easily access the water. Outdoor living space is a must when owning a beach home.

A Plethora of Windows
Almost as important as outdoor living space is an unobstructed view. Home plans will likely feature numerous windows facing the surf.
Large bay windows will keep the ocean in your field of view from nearly any point in the house. Sliding doors and french doors can also give you floor to ceiling windows while allowing you to access the outside. When you open your windows they can let in the wonderful sea breeze. The breathtaking views that surround a beach home are often the stars of the house and shouldn’t be obscured by a lack of windows.

Unique Foundations
Because of their location, beach homes are exposed to some harsh elements. On the northern coasts cold winds, ice, and snow can all wreak havoc on a house. In the south, humid conditions, salt spray, and hurricanes dole out a beating. Home plans will sometimes feature a special type of foundation to help mitigate damaging weather.

Stilted homes are popular in hurricane-prone areas. They offer protection from floods and storms, allowing the water to pass under the home instead of into the basement. Other reasons for using piers or pilings in a home plan include providing for a better view and having to build on an uneven foundation.
An Open Floor Plan
Open floor layouts are all the rage in most home plans today, but in a beach house, they can almost be considered a necessity. Open floor plans don’t inhibit occupants from viewing the amazing landscape outside. Additionally, they allow for great ventilation, letting the sea breezes drift through the home. To increase the airiness most plans will incorporate vaulted ceilings or spacious alcoves and entryways.

A Home With a View

You can forget having a room with a view, in a beach house you get an entire home with a view. It isn’t hard to see why beach home plans are so popular. They seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living with plenty of alcoves, observation decks, and patios. Their abundance of windows allows for excellent air circulation and amazing views of the marine environment. The design choices are nearly endless when it comes to beach home plans, allowing you to customize your home so that every day feels like a vacation.

Beach homes offer an especially enticing lifestyle and cater to those who enjoy the seaside. If you can look past the minor headaches of weather-related maintenance, a beach home plan can make your coastal living dreams come true.

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